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Epson Nozzle Clogs

Cleaning kit usage:

Guidelines for most epson printers :

But I think it is due to the following work method :

(this is why you need to prepare the syringe)

Phase 1 : Syringe preparation
1.Fill up the syringe COMPLETELY with the cleaning solution
2.Putt the little tube on the syringe
3.Push the fluid gently till it drops out the tube. (so that no air gets into the ink tube of the printer).

Phase 2 : Printer preparation
1.Make sure you have full ORIGINAL epson ink cartridges for your printer at your disposal.
2.Disconnect the printer from the pc
3.Connect your printer to the power cable.
4.Push the power button on the printer ,and once the inktray starts moving to the cleaning cycle remove the power cable.
5.Now you can move the inktray by hand. Move it to the position which enables you to open it.
6.Open the inktray ,remove the color of the cartridge you whish to clean.Then close it.
7.Now move the inktray gently to the right (not completely) until you have space to put a small paper towel underneath.The put the paper towel underneath. Then slide it back to the left so it's above the paper towel.
8.Now put connect the syringe (with the little tube) on the inktube.
9.Gently push the cleaning fluid into the the inktube. (the complete 1.0 ml)
10.Fill up the syringe again ,and repeat step 8,9 .
11.IMPORTANT : Don't remove the syringe ,let on the ink tube.
12.Wait for 2h

Phase 3 : Finishing
1.Remove the syringe (and the small tube).
2.Put the inkcartridge back and close the inktray.
3.Slide the inktray to the right and remove the paper towel.
4.Connect the power to the printer.
5.Connect the printer to the pc and start the printer
6.From the printdriversettings ,run the cleaning of your heads 3 times.
7.Now print at least 15 testpages.

If after phase 1,2 and 3 your printer is still not working correctly , -test page not ok- then just repeat phase 1,2 and 3 again.

In order to avoid such problems ,just print at least 1 test page every week. I had my first epson inkjet printer for 6 years and no problems.
So whoever is using an epson printer :
-use original epson ink
-print at least 1 test page a week
-NEVER let the printer without a cartridge inserted (full or empty)

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