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The Secret Resetter Code for Canon BJC-3000 BJC-6000 BJC-6100 BJC-6200 S400 S450 F300 F600 F620 Canon BJC-7000 BJC-7100 BJC-8000 BJ-F800 i6500

1. Power off printer
2. Hold Resume button then press and hold POWER, the beeper will sound once.
3. Hold POWER and release RESUME
4. Press RESUME twice
5. When the indicator lights steady, press RESUME three(3) times. The indicator should be orange.
6. Press Power to set data

The Secret Resetter Code for Canon BJC-600 BJC-600e BJC-610 BJC-620

1. Unplug Power Cord
2. Hold POWER and FF and Print Mode buttons
3. Plug in Power Cord
4. Release after the beeps

The Secret Resetter Code for Canon BJC-50 BJC-55 BJC-80 BJC-85 M40 M70

1. Unplug Power Cord
2. Hold POWER and RESUME buttons
3. Plug in Power Cord
4. Release buttons after the printers starts up
6. Press POWER
7. Release all buttons after the beeps
8. Press CARTRIDGE 16 times
9. Press RESUME
10. Unplug the Power cord

The Secret Resetter Code for Canon BJ F900, F890, F700, F500, S900, S820, S750 and S520

1. Turn off the printer.
2. Press and hold the RESUME button, then press and hold the POWER button.
3. Release the RESUME button, then press and release the RESUME button two more times in succession. (youre still holding the POWER button during this). The printer mechanics will move momentarily.
4. You are now in Service mode.
5. Pressing the RESUME key will select a function; for example, pressing RESUME 4 times will select the clear waste ink counter function. The lamp will alternate color with each key press.
(a). service/factory test printout, including ink sensor check
(b). EEPROM info printout
(c). EEPROM initialization
(d). Clear the waste-ink counter
(e). Printer model setting. (more selections beyond this- leave this alone)
6. After selecting mode, press the POWER button to commit the change, and return to the top of the function selection menu. Pressing the POWER button again turns off the printer for a resta

The Secret Resetter Code for Canon BJ-30 BJC-35v BJC-70
F14 Error Reset

1. Unplug adapter
2. Hold POWER
3. Plug in ADAPTER
4. Release POWER after printer starts
5. Hold FF and MENU and press POWER
6. Release after beeps
7. Press <> Cartridge until 1A is displayed
8. Press ONLINE
9. Press POWER to shutoff printer
10. Unplug printer then re-plug printer

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The Secret Resetter Code for Canon S9000

1. Turn off printer
2. Hold down Resume button and press Power button.
3. Keep holding down Power button and let Resume button go.
4. Press Resume button 2 times then let BOTH buttons go.
5. Green lights will flash and then stop blinking.
6. When green lights are solid, press the Resume button 4 times.
7. Press the Power button and the printer should turn off, if not, press the Power button once more.

Your printer should respond as normal.

The Secret Resetter Code for Canon MPC190
Reset Waste Ink

By pressing Menu Copy Scan Copy Copy
2. Select TEST MODE.
3. Select [8] PRINTER TEST in TEST MODE.
4. Select 3. [EEPROM CLEAR].
5. Select 0. [INK COUNT].
6. Press the [Set] key.
7. Press the [Stop/Reset] key (returning to the state of 3)), and then press the [ON/OFF] key.

Refill Instructions Epson T0781-T0786 refillable ink jet cartridge

Our how-to guide shows the easy fill process of the T0781, T0782, T0783, T0784, T0785 & T0786 ink jet cartridges. Also covers information about the ARC (auto-reset chips) and refilling information.

Instructions on Filling & Refilling Epson Compatible T781, T0782, T0783, T0784, T0785 & T0786 ink jet cartridges with ARC (auto-reset chips).

The refillable cartridges for T0781, T0782, T0783, T0784, T0785 & T0786 contain an auto-reset chip. Once ink level falls to a predetermined level the chip automatically resets to near full capacity.Cartridges have a 10+ml capacity per cartridge.

These cartridges are of a 2 plug design, but not pressure filled as previous 2P cartridges were.One plug is used as a fill hole while the other is a vent plug. The image on the right shows the two plug locations.

Filling & Refilling:

  • Remove clear rubber fill hole plug
  • Fill injector with desired color ink.
  • Insert injector needle into cartridge
  • Slowly inject ink. Make sure you do not push needle all the way to the hub (yellow plastic portion of needle.) Inject ink slowly
  • When completed injecting ink replace original clear fill hole plug.
That is it. Cartridge has now been filled and is ready for use.Though the image to the right shows the cartridge laying on it side this is not recommended. It was taken this way to show the ink in the cartridge. Always keep cartridge upright.

Before attempting to use any cartridge make sure you have ALL cartridges filled.Cartridges do not work independently. The printer will show an error message of only one - five refillable cartridges are installed.

Replace any cartridges already in the printer with a complete set of refillable cartridges.
Once all cartridge have been inserted remove the vent hole plug from the cartridge.The vent hole plug is the color plug. On the image to the right the two leftmost cartridge plugs have been removed.

After removing all six plugs hit the ink cartridge button.Printer will begin to run an initial cartridge prime, the same as when any new cartridge is installed.After prime has been completed run a print test.


As with the OEM cartridges, refillable cartridges may not appear on the Epson Print Status window at all times. (image on right). If you open your printer properties window you can see the current status of the ink levels.(image on left of picture). This usually only occurs when running multiple print job without breaks in between.

Once a break in the print occurs your ink level will appear in the Print Status window once again.The ink level not appearing in the Status window is not an aftermarket related issue, but a printer related issue. This occurs on both OEM cartridges as well as aftermarket.

Never install less than 6 refillable cartridges at one time. Printer will not recognize the Epson cartridges when one of the refillable are installed.

Cartridge Chip auto-reset

These cartridges will reset automatically. There is no hitting cartridge change button or turning printer on and off required. Cartridge will all auto-reset at same time. It is advised that all cartridges be refilled at this time to prevent any cartridge running out of ink.Some cartridge may contain a good deal more ink than others depending on the first cartridge that requires reset. In most cases this is black. (under testing of 5 sets using of cartridges on 1 each R260, R380 & RX580).


After initial fill when you are ready to refill return allplugs back to cartridge. Remove cartridges from printer and repeat fill process. There is no difference in refill from the initial fill.

Epson Stylus C90

Resetter Adjustment Prgogram Epson Stylus C90

This for Epson printer. Reset your waste ink pad counter. If any question you can ask to me how to run Adjustment Program. Thank you. and Happy RESET!!
Note : tell your friend about my site. Maybe your friends is very needed.
Download Link
stylus photo C90 Verion Indonesia download
stylus photo C92 Version Singapore download

Epson C91, C92

Service Adjustment Program

We have now Epson C91, C92 service adjustment program available for instant download

This programs works on PC under Windows XP only!

To reset waste ink pad counter C91 or C92 printers you have to:
- Run the program
- Choose Particulare Adjustment Mode - Choose Waste Ink Pad Counter
Here it is! The waste ink counter resets to ZERO!

Download Zip file (648 kB) after on-line payment and unzip it by WinZip. Run AdjProg.exe file!

Stylus photo C91,C92 download

Epson Stylus C58 Color Inkjet Printer

Epson Stylus C58 Inkjet Printer Features

* On-demand Color Inkjet Printer
* Print speed
Black: 22 ppm (economy)
Color: 12 ppm (economy)
Photo: 85 seconds ( 4×6 / 10×5 - borderless)
* Max resolution (b&w) 5760 x 1440 dpi (with Variable-Sized Droplet Technology)
* Max resolution (color) 5760 x 1440 dpi (with Variable-Sized Droplet Technology)
* Paper Feed Method - Friction feed
* Paper Input capacity - 80 sheets, A4 Plain paper
* Max document size (print) - A4, A5, A6, B5, letter, half letter, legal, 4R, 5R, envelope, 132 x 220mm
* Black ink cartridge - Approx. 170 pages
* Color ink cartridge - Approx. 255 pages
* Interface - USB v2.0
* Input Data Buffer - 32 KB
* Compatible - Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 /XP/ XP, Mac OS 10.2+
* Dimensions - 435 (L) x 219 (D) x 165 mm (H)
* Weight - 2.8 kgs

C58 printer Blnking, would need Software Reset Blinking Printer EPSON Stylus C58 ... please downlod free. hopefully useful.

Download resetter Epson C58

Epson Stylus T20E


Amazing print speed, superb quality and longer lasting prints
Enjoy speed high quality and affordable printing with the Epson Stylus™ T20E

Assured Quality with Epson DURABrite™ Ultra Ink
* Ideal all-purpose ink for everyday printing
* Smudge, water and fade-resistant qualities ensures prints stay vibrant for many years to come

Epson INKdividual™ Cartridges for Maximum Value
* Replace only the cartridge that runs out
* Affordable INKdividual™ cartridges
* Reduce ink wastage and maximise savings

Excellent Print Speed to Boost Productivity
* Maximise time efficiency and productivity
* Achieve more in less time with excellent print speed of up to 26ppm

High Resolution for Superior Print Quality
Assured high quality printouts at up to 5760 dpi

Photo Perfection with Epson Creative Suite
* One-stop photo software solution
* Achieve photo lab quality prints in 3 simple steps with Epson Easy Photo Print
* Epson PhotoEnhance automatically adjusts images to give you amazing
true-to-life colour photos

Inkjet Printers Epson Stylus T11

This printer is cheap but high-resolution support. Suitable for home users and the lovers photographi. Because, other than the results of the high-molder also molder lasting results.

Printer's target this segment of the home have the highest resolution in the class, which can reach 5760x1440 with Variable-sized Droplet Technology. By using the technology, Epson T11 able to produce a text that is more sharply, the more beautiful colors and prints of the results of a more durable.

Ink default printer features Epson Durabrite Ultra Link, and pulling the ink in the design in such a way so resistant to water and mold can not make the results quickly terdegradasi. In this case, the Epson picking cetakkannya that the results remain sharp and beautiful for many years.

Not to burden the users in terms of the cost of replacing the cartridge, the stylus T11 has also features sparingly with the Epson INKdividual Cartridges for Maximum Savings. Where each cartridge is inserted independent. Which means that, if a certain color cartridge out, so users only need to replace the cartridge out of it. This is of course more cost-efficient compared to a combined cartridge, which must replace the color cartridge 1 still contains the other.

Epson Stylus T11 mempu print speed with 22 page document didn't per minute and 33 color pages to the document. Meanwhile, to print the photos needed time 156 seconds, to the size of 10x15cm or 4x6 inch borderless with a maximum resolution. The results of mold tray can hold up to 80 sheets of paper A4

In it, the software is also available from Epson Perfection Photo Creativity Suite. This software can mongkustomisasi images in which you want to print. So users do not need to look more photo-processing software daro third parties. With this software, users can get results than a photo lab printing photos. For not caused, Epson PhotoEnhance can also automatically to Adjust the picture to a photo image will be printed in color have a more beautiful color.

Epson Stylus T11 berdimensi 435x219x165mm with a weight of 2.8 kg. The operating system didukungnya is Windows 2000, XP, 32 and 64 bit and Windows Vista. For Macintosh users can use the operating system MacOS 10.3.9 to the top of the series. When the printer work requires power only 11 watts.

adjustment program epson stylus
free download

Adjustment Program Epson R230

Dear All Resetter semua yang ngga bisa ngisi date adjusment program r230 anda bisa download di
kaga perlu ngisi lagi langsung jalan.

=> adjusment program Epson R220 - R230

=> adjusment program Epson R270

n any way klo blinking epson r230 nya pake SSC aja udah bisa ko
klik aja => SSC 4.2 n tutorial nya didalamnya juga ada cara pake nya juga

Please to be Patient and if any one want something else please give me comment down here Ok
thanks guys 4 all comment


I hope this helps some of you who are frustrated and ready to throw out your Epson printer
Problems with my Epson printer, the red and green light began flashing and a window popped up, saying, take it to your services center because some parts have reached the end of their life.
Printer companies set a “protection counter” on all printers , it’s an internal counter measuring the amount of ink wasted by head cleaning.

Reset the "protection counter" as well as clean the “waste ink pad overflow”.

1. Unplug the power and USB cables from the printer. Pry open the printer,
careful not to break anything. Use a flat blade screwdriver to pry it apart;
there are two-three tabs at the back and two at the front. Gently push them in,
and then using a bit of force pry apart the cover.
2. Next remove the two (2) waste ink pads.
They are located at the back on the left hand side. I used the flat blade
screwdriver to lift up the ink pads (they were soaked).
Please use rubber gloves as it gets very messy.
3. Next wash them with just plain hot water until they are white again.
I just let the hot water run on them (the pads are about three inches long).

4. Once washed dry them using a hair drier. (you could place it the sun for
a few hours or on top of your heater or maybe in a heated oven; (make sure you do
not set it on fire with too much heat).
5. Once dried place the pads back in the ink waste bin at the back of the printer.
6. Closed the printer cover and put back all the pieces and plug in the USB
& power cable and turned it on. (Yes the lights are still flashing).
7. Go to this link and download this software: SSC Download

8. Install the software and run it.
9. Select your printer and model number. It will ask if you replaced with new pads;
say “YES”. Then close the window.
10. Now right click on the SSC service utility, it looks like
a printer icon near your clock in the task bar.
11. Then click on reset counters. You can do all other stuff with this utility too.
12. Turn off the printer power and then turn it on again.
If necessary un-plug the power cord from the back of the printer,
wait 20 seconds. Plug it back in.

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Epson Nozzle Clogs

Cleaning kit usage:

Guidelines for most epson printers :

But I think it is due to the following work method :

(this is why you need to prepare the syringe)

Phase 1 : Syringe preparation
1.Fill up the syringe COMPLETELY with the cleaning solution
2.Putt the little tube on the syringe
3.Push the fluid gently till it drops out the tube. (so that no air gets into the ink tube of the printer).

Phase 2 : Printer preparation
1.Make sure you have full ORIGINAL epson ink cartridges for your printer at your disposal.
2.Disconnect the printer from the pc
3.Connect your printer to the power cable.
4.Push the power button on the printer ,and once the inktray starts moving to the cleaning cycle remove the power cable.
5.Now you can move the inktray by hand. Move it to the position which enables you to open it.
6.Open the inktray ,remove the color of the cartridge you whish to clean.Then close it.
7.Now move the inktray gently to the right (not completely) until you have space to put a small paper towel underneath.The put the paper towel underneath. Then slide it back to the left so it's above the paper towel.
8.Now put connect the syringe (with the little tube) on the inktube.
9.Gently push the cleaning fluid into the the inktube. (the complete 1.0 ml)
10.Fill up the syringe again ,and repeat step 8,9 .
11.IMPORTANT : Don't remove the syringe ,let on the ink tube.
12.Wait for 2h

Phase 3 : Finishing
1.Remove the syringe (and the small tube).
2.Put the inkcartridge back and close the inktray.
3.Slide the inktray to the right and remove the paper towel.
4.Connect the power to the printer.
5.Connect the printer to the pc and start the printer
6.From the printdriversettings ,run the cleaning of your heads 3 times.
7.Now print at least 15 testpages.

If after phase 1,2 and 3 your printer is still not working correctly , -test page not ok- then just repeat phase 1,2 and 3 again.

In order to avoid such problems ,just print at least 1 test page every week. I had my first epson inkjet printer for 6 years and no problems.
So whoever is using an epson printer :
-use original epson ink
-print at least 1 test page a week
-NEVER let the printer without a cartridge inserted (full or empty)

Resetter Printer Epson CX7300

1. Switch on printer
2. Download Adjustment program Epson
2. Open auto.bat to set the date to 17 January 2006
3. Run adjprog.exe
4. Click accept
5. Click particular adjustment mode
6. Go to maintenance then Select waste ink pad counter then click ok
7. Click on "check button till its done then click on initialization button
then click on finish button
8. Switch off printer for 5 secs then switch on again
9. After you reset succesfully, you can change the date back to normal

Resetting cartridge Epson R290

When I have trouble on my cartridge R290, is currently the forum's neighbors.
Hopefully it can help you .
The original cartridge of R290 havechip system that calculates the number of print-out that we already do, after reaching the maximum limit will require the replacement of the printer cartridge.
This also happens on the system infus R290, infus implement this system combine the chip, which is equipped with a switch / switch on the top of the cartridge.
Function of this switch is to reset the volume of the print cartridge if the replacement cartridge is required, meaning we R290 printer "deceit" as if we have to change with a new cartridge.

Note: almost all types of printers epson latest chip I use it is difficult to be modified, with different types such as the previous R230, R250, C67, etc., which can be reset to its done in auto, for the latest types of reset is done with the help of user / users.

Here's How to reset cartridge R290:

(The need to reset the printer cartridge, printer will give you a warning, a light red / orange blink-blink in the reset button (on the power button)).
Open the printer cover
Remove the paper / material feed sensor cover,
Press the reset (the power button) several times (1-3x), to the position of the cartridge in the position of the replacement cartridge (right),
Pejet button switch on the cartridge (rather long), then release,
pairs back penyumpal paper sensor cover
close the back cover printer
press reset button again, the printer reacts to give voice to the paper I draw a very long time,
the printer is ready for use again,
The way above will be done each time the printer requires replacement cartridge, which is marked with a light reset blink-blink red / orange.

this is the resetter.
Resetter R290 Download

It’s FREE.

Good luck

Ink Refill cartridge for EpsonC90/C79/R265/R260/R270/D78

Epson C79, R270, R390 refilling

InkRepublic R260/R280/R380/RX580/RX595/RX680

Inkjetfly R2400 R1800 CIS Video

Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter Epson C-90

firstly, download Resetter for Epson C90 Epson C90.And Resetter for Epson C110 download here. The method how to reset C90 and C110 is not different, u just change the date.

I. The Methods how to Reset Epson C90:
a. Surely your printer joined to computer,turn on printer.
b. Ekstrak resetter C90.
c. See folder resetter_epson_c90. turn reset.bat, change date be
d. Minimize command prompt reset.bat.
e. Turn “AdjProg.exe”.
f. Klik “Accept”.
g. Klik “Particular adjustment mode”.
h. Then choose Waste Ink pad Counter OK.
i. Klik button “Check”, till process finish.
j. Klik button “Initialization” then klik “Finish”.
k. Power off printer, then turn on .
l. If success, come back to command prompt reset.bat. Change date
as usual.
m. Surely printer C90 normally, test print.

stylus photo C90 Verion Indonesia download

stylus photo C92 Version Singapore download

How to reset your Epson cartridges (spoof)

Warning, this is a spoof video. The ink level indicator is controlled by the green computer chip. Doing anything else on the cartridge itself (as shown in the video), will not change the ink level.

Epson new cartridges T073/73N

Tip 91 - About Epson new cartridges T073/73N etc
Since August 2008, Epson released a new range of printers and cartridges (like T073/73N cartridges) which will only work with each other.

For example,
CX9300F made before August 2008 can take T0731, 732, 733 and 734 cartridges, and T073/73N cartridges.
CX9300F made after August 2008 can only take T073/73N cartridges.

If you are unsure when your printer is manufactured, just check your user manual and see what cartridges do it need.

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Adjustment Epson Stylus Photo 1390


6-colour premium-grade A3+ size prints within the reach of your budget
Reduce Costs with INKdividual™ Cartridges

* Cost-efficient INKdividual™ cartridges
* Optimise ink usage and reduce expenses
* Replace single cartridges when any colour ink runs out
* Eliminates wastage of throwing away an integrated cartridge with remaining ink in other colours

Fast Speed to Stay One Step Ahead

* Swift print-outs of up to 15ppm for colour and monochrome
* 5 different droplet sizes with Advanced VSDT
* Portrays the most subtle colour transitions
* Optimized speed performance

When Print Size Matters

* Eye-catching prints of up to A3+ BorderFree size
* For beautiful design proofs, impactful promotional materials, and exhibition-quality photographs
* Affordable 'large prints' versatility for small business outfits

Striking Visual Expression

* Specially formulated New Photo Ink for the finest visual prints
* Wider colour range and glossy finish
* Vivid rendition of black-and-white portraits, artwork and soothing landscapes
* Maintain and keep photo prints for the long term
* Lasts up to 200* years in photo album storage

Quality that Makes a Difference

* Images are portrayed superbly up to 5760x1440 dpi
* Advanced Micro Piezo print head with VSDT technology
* Minimum 1.5pl ink droplets for the smoothest graduation

Adobe RGB Support for the Serious Photographer

* Innovative Adobe RGB colour mode solution
* Brilliant colour expression
* Accurately depict the wider gamut of images captured on professional
digital cameras
* Wide range of colour output modes
* Indispensable for the graphic professional, the business user,
or the photo enthusiast

Improved PhotoEnhance for Flawless Photos

* Print perfect photos with no hassle
* New improved EPSON PhotoEnhance™ Technology
* Intelligent software analysis to determine optimal image settings
* Automatic adjustment of colour cast, backlight and skin tone

Effortless Usage with EPSON Creativity Suite

* One-stop photo software solution
* Neatly manage all your digital images
* Print beautiful, high-quality photos easily with Easy Photo Print
* Supports many RAW image formats for professional needs

Download Link :
Adjustment Epson Stylus Photo 1390

Epson Stylus Pro 7900 Printer

Epson has launched two new additions to its Stylus Pro inkjet printer range, the SP7700 and SP9700. At 24in and 44in respectively, the Epson Stylus Pro 7700 and 9700 are packed with the latest Epson technologies that add precision, reliability and productivity to a wide range of professional printing applications.

Epson technology is renowned for delivering fast, efficient printing. The Epson Stylus Pro 7700 and 9700 are designed to produce faster output without compromising print quality, by using advanced compression and decompression technologies that speed up data during printing. The printers feature the latest Epson MicroPiezo TFP print head, which is optimised to work with a five colour ink set, a subset of Epson UltraChrome HDR Ink incorporating cyan, vivid magenta, yellow, photo black and matte black. The print head delivers perfectly accurate dots with virtually no misting or satellites. Perfect smoothness and detail is down to Epson Variable-Size Droplet technology (VSDT), which can produce droplets as small as 3.5 picolitres.

The Epson Stylus Pro 7700 and 9700 produce prints with even more impact thanks to the Vivid Magenta Technology. Vivid Magenta gives a wider colour gamut, which in turn provides enhanced colour accuracy. This is particularly noticeable for blues, magentas, reds and oranges, giving prints a more natural and life-like appearance. The ink set also includes both Matte and Photo black inks, which maximises quality on any given media. The printer automatically selects the optimum black ink to match the media, which adds convenience and productivity to the printing process and reduces cost.

Prints from the Epson Stylus Pro 7700 and 9700 are highly light-fast and will retain their colour and quality for longer, wherever they are used. The specifically formatted pigment inks are water-resistant and have excellent colour stability, for long-lasting prints which are dry and stable very shortly after emerging from the printer.

There is a range of features of the Epson Stylus Pro 7700 and 9700 which makes the printing process as easy and as flexible as possible. Fast network connection, clear control and straightforward operation and maintenance are built in. The high-visibility 320x200 pixel control panel screen shows all aspects of the printer from ink levels and quick cleaning to paper cutting and job cancellation. Barcode printing is a way to keep track of media during changes and can eliminate misprints due to lack of media. The new spindle-less flange system makes changing roll paper easier and takes up less space. It handles a wide variety media types, sizes and tensions and the new rotary paper cutter is more durable, cuts smoothly and cleanly in seconds, so there is no need for manual cutting.

Intelligent software helps users get the most out of the Epson Stylus Pro 7700 and 9700 by keeping track of all aspects of printing, streamlining the workflow and enhancing creativity. The new intuitive printer driver is easy to use and can be customised for different levels of information and print and media settings. These printers include the drivers to support the AutoCad HDI interface for high speed and precision accuracy.

Epson’s Layout Manager, a new function within the printer driver, enables the easy importation and layout of data created in various applications. Functions such as Move, Enlarge/Reduce, Rotate and Fit-to-Roll simplify workflow and reduce waste.

Epson Stylus Pro 7700 and 9700 key features summary:

· Advanced 10-channel Epson MicroPiezo™ print head

· 5-colour Epson UltraChrome HDR (subset) ink technology with Vivid Magenta Technology – Cyan, Vivid Magenta, Yellow, Matte Black and Photo Black

· 1440x1440 dpi resolution with Epson Variable-sized Droplet technology

· Handles roll or cut sheet media up to 24” for SP7700 and 44” for SP9700 and 1.5mm thick

· New flange roll holder for fast and easy media changeover

· 2.5” colour LCD control panel with white backlight

Download Software Resetter Epson T13, T1100,TX121

To friends who printer technician needs resetter Epson T13, TX121 and T1100 or for collection maybe someday you need it.

Please download link software reseter Epson T13, TX121 and T1100:

Resetter Epson T13
Resetter Epson TX121
Resetter Epson T1100

or SSC Service Utility

resetter Printer Epson R230X

Easy method to resset Printer Epson R230X

Download SSC Service Utility software. Click here to get the software.

The steps:

1. Make sure printer in the living conditions and are connected with a computer

(driver printer sudah terinstall)

2. Instal SSC Service Utility and run the program

3. Setting configuration printer model.Choose Epson Stylus Photo R230. then close the main window.

4.At the bottom right taskbar clik right icon SSC Service Utility, choose Protection Counter -> clik reset protection counter -> choose Yes at pop up which is ask “Have you Replace waste ink pad”

5. Restart printer, and printer no blinks anymore.

Download software (v4.30)

Follow the steps above. I’ve tried myself. Good luck .

Resetter Canon ip1000

Resetter Canon ip1000 to reset canon ip1000. How to use this software to reset Canon ip1000 counter:Unzip downloaded file.Run GeneralTool.exeSelect the connected USB port number from USB...

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Manual Reset Epson CX6500

Epson CX6500 is a multifunction printer. This reset  method to reset waste ink counter for epson CX6500  printer. Press and hold B/W+COLOR+STOPPush power on button, don’t release all the button...

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Clear Error 27 on Canon MP150 and MP160

Canon MP150 and MP160 is one of multifunction Canon printer series from Epson. One of the errors that are often on Canon MP150 and MP160 is error 27. Error 27 is caused ink absorber on the printer is...

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